Are you too close to giving birth?

Close to giving birth

Is everything ready to bring your little one into this world?

Before going to the hospital for childbirth, it is important to prepare what you and your baby need. It is also about keeping your mind clear. Here are some easy steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation

Distribute responsibilities

Women often keep all the household chores on their heads. When childbirth is very close, they are really an unnecessary burden on your head. It is very important to give the body the energy and rest it needs to give birth to the baby in your womb without interruption to this world. It is also about keeping your mind clear. Therefore, you can share the responsibility of housework with your husband or with your best friends.

New baby’s room

It is important to have a warm, clean place to take your baby home and put him or her back. It should be a comfortable place with natural ventilation. You should have finished shopping for the new fetus before delivery is very close. Are you too close to giving birth?The baby needs to be washed, dried, and stored clean.

The bag you carry to the hospital

If you suddenly have to go to the hospital for childbirth, it is very important to prepare in advance. Properly pack your clothes and other items that you and your baby need. Then you can face an emergency hospitalization without unnecessary hassle.

Be aware of a good pediatrician After childbirth, you may need to see a pediatrician to get vaccinated and for your baby’s other health problems. Therefore, it is important that you are aware of the best pediatricians in your area. You can find out about this from new parents and relatives you know. You have time to prepare before giving birth.

Keep your home organized

Usually, you will have to go to the hospital for childbirth at any time after the due date. Therefore, by removing all the junk in the house and keeping everything you and the baby need in the right places, you can find everything you need without any hassle when you get home after childbirth.

Be prepared in advance for child care

In general, it is important to be aware of the things you need to know about caring for a baby before giving birth. You can ask your family health worker or your friends or other experienced people about this. Being aware of such things before childbirth can help keep your mind from being unnecessarily stressed after childbirth. The most important thing, however, is that before childbirth you have a very happy and relaxed time. Because after giving birth you will not have time to rest again for a while. Once you have a new baby you will have a lot to do and think about. Therefore, baby and me we tell you to spend time with friends around the time of childbirth or to have fun reading books, watching movies or doing other things that make you relax. It will bring great relief to your mind for a happy birth.

What you need to know about pregnancy for a natural childbirth

It is important to know the factors that facilitate natural childbirth for a healthy birth. We bring you this article today by Baby and Me for those of you who want to know the basics of natural childbirth and childbirth. During the nine months of pregnancy, the mother has a lot of experience. The last days of pregnancy cause anxiety for many women. Many people are interested in normal delivery and choose cesarean section as a last resort. However, sometimes a cesarean section is required. These things will be important for you to prepare for healthy natural childbirth.

Avoid standing still

This is especially true during the last days of your pregnancy. This is because the force of gravity exerts on the baby in your womb and pulls the baby further down through your pelvis. Never stand for long periods of time and do not lift or carry heavy objects.

Spicy but healthy food

Spicy foods keep the body warm and help with normal childbirth. But in some cases, spicy foods can adversely affect the digestion of pregnant women. Therefore, if you experience any discomfort, nausea, or indigestion, it is best to avoid spicy foods altogether.

Stay healthy, walk regularly

This is essential for the whole pregnancy and you should make every effort to stay healthy. Normal childbirth requires fitness, good health, and strength. Take regular walks for about half an hour. This actually helps to position the baby in the correct or desired position for normal delivery. Walking helps your muscles to flex.

Heart support Physical fitness is very important for childbirth. Therefore, a woman should develop strength during pregnancy. To improve physical fitness, practice gentle cardio exercises. Seek the advice of a specialist who specializes in safe cardio exercise for you and go for regular exercise.

Yoga training

Practice yoga to stay healthy, increase energy, stay healthy, and feel good. In addition to relaxing the entire body system, yoga helps to regulate breathing and heart rate. Some yoga postures, such as pelvic tilts and squats, relax the pelvic area and facilitate normal childbirth.

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