Do you know the connection between babies and music?

Do you know the connection between babies and music?

Music always has a powerful effect on us. And did you know that music affects babies as well as unborn babies? This article is for mothers who want to know how music can have a positive effect on your child. Music can play a very important role in parenting. Studies now show that listening to soft and soothing music can have a positive effect on the baby, calming the baby and giving it a good night’s sleep. On several occasions, babies have also shown movement when listening to music. A number of investigations have been carried out in this regard in recent times. Most of these tests point to the positive effect of listening to music while the baby is still in the womb.

Influence of Western classical music

Some types of music are recommended for babies according to their age group. Later Western classical music is said to make children more intelligent, emotionally strong, and clear-minded.

How music affects unborn babies

Today, some artists have even released CDs that can be played for your baby while in the womb. It is said that these artists have studied baby music very well and have received a very good response from the parents who made the band Do you know the connection between babies and music?listen to their children. A study in the United Kingdom found that babies who were exposed to music while still in the womb responded to music quietly after birth and showed that they recognized the music. Some studies have found that babies who are exposed to music while in the womb tend to listen better and talk earlier than other babies. Listening to music during pregnancy is also associated with the development of the fetal brain during pregnancy. However, be sure to keep the volume low when listening to music. Loud music stimulates the baby in your womb and can even damage the baby’s ear. Stay away from loud noises as much as possible as the amniotic fluid floating in your womb intensifies the sound.

And not all music is appropriate. Try to listen to soft and calm music. Loud music can increase a baby’s heart rate and frighten the baby. Loud music does not have the ability to provide a positive stimulus like calm music. According to Hindu traditions, listening to mantras can have a positive effect on the development of infants.

The effect of music on newborns Listening to soothing music slows down a child’s breathing. Just as babies can remember this music well after a year, babies clearly prefer the music they listened to before birth. Some hospitals in India and Britain have even resorted to playing soft music for premature babies. They hope that premature babies will be able to cope with the pain and control their bodily functions.

How can music affect children?

Music inevitably stimulates the mind of a child or an adult. It is easy for a child who has been exposed to music at an early age to find his creative side. The right side of the brain is believed to have a greater inclination towards musical taste and making your child hear music will make it easier for the child to solve math problems at school.

If you are a music lover, this should be even more appealing. Many parents like to introduce music to their children. Many children today have inherited the musical tastes of their parents. Many talented musicians of all genres come from families who have a deep love for music.

Learn about phonics to teach children to recognize sounds

If you are a mom or dad who cares about this, you may have often heard of phonics. That is what we are going to talk about today.

What is Phonics?

Phoenix teaches that there is a connection between sounds and letters. In other words, it refers to the relationship between what we say and what we can read and write. Through Phoenix, beginner readers are taught the techniques needed to make words sound. For example, children learn that the letter D has different sounds for “d”, such as “doll”. Then you can teach your child how to mix letters and sounds to make words like a dog.

Why is that important?

In order for children to understand what is being read, they need to be able to say the words quickly and automatically without hesitation. Therefore, Phoenix provides the kids with the facilities they need in the process.

How does your child’s school teach phonology?

Teachers begin that work systematically and sequentially. Teachers teach children a lot before they go on teaching. First, let your child read short, easy books. They contain specific letters and sounds that they can easily work with. You can also help with their training by providing similar books at home, such as the Phonics Box Set.

Here are some other ways you can strengthen your voice learning at home:

  • Talk to the child’s teacher.

Ask how the child can highlight sounds and readings outside of class. Share any problem you have with the teacher.

  • Listen to what your child reads daily.

If your child is hesitant to say a word, encourage him to say it. But if he still can’t say it, you give him the word. It does not discourage them from saying words.

  • Increase awareness.

“What do you think is the next word?” Ask questions like. Or “What does that mean?” Ask your child during reading stories such as:

  • Let the familiar books revisit.

It doesn’t matter if your child wants to re-read the books he or she likes from previous years. Of course, they also benefit the baby!

  • Read aloud.

Choose books on topics that excite your child’s mind and read them enthusiastically, using different voices for each of their characters.

  • Make reading fun.

Keep plenty of books and magazines around the house and read them yourself. Show your child how valuable the habit of reading is. You can teach children phonology and develop the habit of reading into a habit they will love for a lifetime.

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