Here are six benefits of giving children time to draw

Here are six benefits of giving children time to draw

Drawing is one of the natural abilities of young children. Regardless of your child’s drawing medium, he or she enjoys creating his or her own art. Children gain many developmental benefits in their lives through dance and storytelling as well as other forms of expression as well as drawing. So today we are going to tell you about six reasons why you should encourage your child to draw at home, in the daycare center, and at school.

Develops Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are the ability to perform specific movements of the hands, wrists, and fingers. As an adult, your success depends on your Fine Motor Skills as you type, drive, and even text messages. Therefore, it is important to develop strong Fine Motor Skills for your child from an early age. Teaching children how to hold and handle writing equipment is one of the best ways to improve their fine motor skills. Drawing also creates instant visual feedback that varies depending on the tool your child is using and how he or she uses it. This feedback will help your child identify the best way to achieve the desired results.

Encourages visual analysis

Some concepts that need to be considered, such as distance, size comparison, and compositional differences, may not be understood by your young children yet. Drawing gives your child a great opportunity to deliberately learn those concepts. Allowing a child to draw helps them to draw specific things, especially in relation to each other, and to give him or her a basic visual analysis of everyday spaces. Ask your child to draw different examples, such as large and small, rough and smooth, distance and near, to help them draw at home in this way.

Helps to keep attention in one placeHere are six benefits of giving children time to draw

Since most children love to draw, this activity also gives them a good time to establish the concepts of attention and training. These concepts are essential to your child’s academic success, even in elementary school. Drawing helps your child learn how to observe small details, focus on achieving a specific result, and gain the maturity needed to practice strategic tasks.

Improves hand and eye coordination

In addition to improving Fine Motor Skills, drawing gives your child the ability to make a connection between what he or she sees and what he/she does. The coordination of these hands and eyes is important during athletic and recreational activities as well as during study. Let your child look at an object and draw it to coordinate the eyes to the hands. Or let them copy a drawing you made.

Increases personal confidence

As a parent or guardian, you are often tempted to ask your children the phrase “look what I wear”. When your child has the opportunity to create outward representations of his or her imagination, thoughts, and experiences, he or she gains confidence in themselves. Therefore, drawing helps your child feel instinctively motivated, self-worthy, and valid. This assurance gives him or her more confidence in other areas that do not come as naturally as drawing.

Teaches creative problem solving

Along with visual analysis and attention, drawing also encourages your child to solve problems creatively. When he or she draws, he or she can determine the best way to connect the child’s body parts, express emotions, and represent specific compositions. Creating a family drawing and giving your child specific tasks in drawing such as talking about colors, techniques, or special choices will help him or she develop strong problem-solving skills over time. Use positive reinforcement to help inspire your child to draw and create. Display child-completed drawings in your child’s room, home, or another area, and include personal drawings of the child in letters to family members. Also, be sure to praise your child as he or she learns to draw.

Encourage your child to draw throughout his or her childhood to reap all the benefits listed above.

Information on drawing apps suitable for children to draw

Many children spend a lot of time at home because they have not started school yet. So today we are going to suggest a new option for parents who are looking for how to use this time meaningfully for their children.

It can also be described as an educational activity that you can give to your children while you are busy with work. Usually, many parents think that books should always be given to their children. But if children just keep reading, they will get bored.

Undoubtedly, they also like to participate in screen-based activities on digital devices. If you also have a child who is constantly asking for your mobile phone, tablet, or computer, these Drawing Apps are the best way to fulfill that child’s desire by connecting it to something creative. Check out the drawing apps below. You can try many apps that encourage kids to draw this way.

Drawing with Carl (iOS app)

This app is great for drawing kids. This app has tools to make it easy for kids to draw, paint, and color, as well as many special features that they love. There is a pattern paint bucket, mirror painting, and lots of “talking” stickers. Therefore, your child will love drawing with Carl.

Paper by 53 (iOS app)

It is an app that can be implemented well for children of all ages. You can also sketch, write, draw, outline and color anything using your finger or stylus to draw with tools. The palette has an empty space to store special colors and also has a large color mixing collection. In recent years, it has been replaced by tools for drawing, cutting, and more. What most people love about this app is that it runs smoothly, has undoing and eraser features. We also provide digital graphic notebooks and as many pages as you need. Therefore,  through this, you can let your kids try to draw at least one picture a day. At the same time, you can be proud of their progress. You can also let them use the paper if they want to use their brains to quickly come up with new ideas.

Scribblify (iOS and Android app)

This app contains a large range of brushes, backgrounds, and colors that encourage children to play with colors, lines, and symmetry. Their Scribblify website explains this app to you. But kids can start drawing instantly with this app. Because the bright colors and patterns in it will appeal to your children. This is a free app but you have to pay to get more tools in the Premium version.

Sketches (iOS app)

This is a good app for adult children who love beauty. There are no stamps or distractions. Therefore, it helps children to pay close attention to drawing. They can download photos and color them with watercolors. You also get two versions, free and Pro. The free version allows users to experiment with many features.

Drawing is like going to a museum, a park, or a zoo and having a wonderful activity. Through it, children can not only be able to relive great memories but also use illustrations to explain what they have learned. The child’s creative thinking also improves when making choices about lines, colors, and shapes. The tablet is usually portable, so you can take your kids anywhere you go and give them the opportunity to do this kind of activity.

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