Negative and Positive effects of cartoons on children’s behavior and development

Negative and Positive effects of cartoons watching
  • Negative effects of cartoons on children’s behavior and development

We informed you in the first article that cartoons can also have a positive effect on a child’s cognitive development and behavior. If you have read it and are well aware of the positive effects of cartoons on children, you should understand why you should not keep your children away from cartoons completely. But cartoons have a lot of positive effects on children, and they can have a negative impact on children’s behavior and development by allowing them to watch too much and without supervision. In this article, we will tell you about some of those negative effects.

Encouraging violence

Watching cartoons depicting violence can lead children to become violent in real life. Little children can be sure that no one will be harmed or hurt as the characters escape after the violence or accidents shown in the cartoons. For example, characters like Tom and Jerry, The Road Runner, and Oggy and Cockroaches often attack each other or try to knock each other down from a height. But they will never be harmed.

Promoting undisciplined behavior and lack of empathy

There are also cartoons depicting teachers and adults behaving in an obscene or disobedient manner. Children who watch them can imitate those behaviors. Sometimes children can challenge their parents or teachers when they try to discipline their children.

Promoting the use of obscene language

Some cartoons often contain language that is inappropriate for children. As children become attracted to them, they begin to use the bad language they learn from cartoons in real life as well.

Encouraging anti-social behavior

There are many types of cartoons that promote anti-social behavior and send the wrong message to children. There are also cartoons that contain pornography. Also, watching cartoons that promote aggression and promote immoral behavior can affect your child’s behavior. As a result, children begin to think that it is normal to be aggressive, vicious, or violent.

Leads to health problems due to a sedentary lifestyle

Sitting in front of a screen for hours watching cartoons can help children become accustomed to physical inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle. As a result, several health problems can arise in children. These include obesity, vision problems, and malnutrition caused by poor eating habits.

Promoting bad rolesNegative and Positive effects of cartoons on children's behavior and development

Kids often get to the point where they completely follow their favorite cartoon characters and images. Imitate and they like to be like those characters. Often, their imitation and liking for a bad character will encourage their children’s bad habits. And if you like a character who shows insensitivity to other creatures, it can be a role model for your children. According to child psychology, these kinds of effects from cartoons often lead to devastating consequences. As a result, children may develop behaviors such as isolation, lack of communication, and anti-social or undisciplined behavior. Therefore, if you want to have the positive effects of the cartoons mentioned in the previous article, watch the cartoons suitable for the child only at a time set aside under your attention and supervision.

  • Positive effects of cartoons on children’s behavior and development

Cartoons are an integral part of every child’s life. Generations of children have grown up watching these animated films since the creation of cartoons. Many girls who grew up with them lived their lives imagining themselves to be princesses. Meanwhile, the boys thought they were brave knights after watching classic animated stories such as Peter Pan, Aladdin, the Magic Lamp, Cinderella, and Beauty and the Beast.

Did you know, however, that cartoons can have both positive and negative effects on a child’s cognitive development and behavior?

If you did not know, in this article we will tell you about the positive effects of cartoons on children.

Talking about the important benefits of cartoons for children, there are several different positive effects that cartoons have on children’s behavior and development. Here are some positive effects that cartoons can have on children:

Helps children get a quick start on learning

Cartoons provide a good starting point for children’s learning. Among the positive effects of cartoons on children, especially educational cartoons that teach shapes, numbers and colors are special. Cartoons can teach children the basics of learning in a fun and interactive way. It also makes learning a joyous activity for children. Moving, talking pictures and colorful scenes make learning a fun experience for children.

Contributing to cognitive development

Watching cartoons can develop your child’s cognitive skills. They help children develop reasoning and reasoning skills, visual and auditory settings, and develop a child’s sustainability and focus.

Supporting language development

Cartoons can expose your children to different languages. It helps children develop their language skills. If you allow watching cartoons in your mother tongue, for example, it will help children to learn their mother tongue better. By watching cartoons in different languages, children can improve their pronunciation and speech.

Enhancing creativity

Watching cartoons helps to increase children’s imagination and creativity. Encourage your child to think of amazing new ideas from certain cartoons. At the same time, your child will be able to present new stories or works of art based on the cartoons they watch.

Promotes a smile and relieves stress

Watching cartoons for children is a fun activity. You often see children laughing out loud at the ridicule brought by cartoon characters. Laughter is the best way to get rid of stress in a child. It boosts the immune system of children and causes the release of the hormone endorphins, which cause positive emotions in the body.

Helps children learn about different things

Watching cartoons is a great way to teach your kids local customs, traditions, history, and myths. For example, you can teach children to read animated versions of religious or historical stories. By watching cartoons that convey such positive messages, children can learn about goodness, morality, kindness, and compassion.

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